Monday, July 10, 2006

Fookin A

Phantoms of Style were everywhere this past weekend. And this is our innagural (did I spell that right Jim?) blog/post/thingy. (until we can just start our own site and hire tech monkeys to make things look shiny)

Livingroom Johnston did the damn thing this past Saturday. His art opening....excuse us...paintshow at Halcyon was the place to be. Free liks all night, DJ Jun (Mos Def's DJ) on the 1s.

It was a virtual who's who of hipsters, blipsters, and the aging cool. Who'd we see....ummm well Jean Grae held it down as host of the event even singing along with a few choice classic soul tunes.

Jaleel from TV on the Radio was in the spot. Seraphim from No Surrender was acting as bar back...which was kinda funny to see. Okay it nepotism if you talk about people you know....cuz damn we'll be doing a lot of that. (It is very important to us that you know that WE know semi and quasi-famous people...m'kay?)

Janine Magno formerly of Cornerstone Promotions (we were kinda hazy forgot to see what she's up to these days) lurked about looking as lovely as ever.

Dante Ross made the mad face invasion. Pete Pabon (the best designer you've never heard of) was in the spot with limited edition Livingroom T-Shirts. (Can we get one? We'll share it)

All magaziney types were there...Sacha Jenkins, Anoma Whitaker (lookin' badnamuva)...okay you get the picture.

The afterparty was fish and grits (inside joke....yeah you're gonna have to put up with those too) If you still don't know who Livingroom Johnston is....well damn you need to find out.

It was definitely the jump off. We haven't had that much fun since Dash Snow's art opening the week prior....we think it was the week prior....those vodka, water and mint leaf thingies they were passing off as mojitos had us all kindsa fooked up.




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